CBN’s FX Allocation Strategy: Naira Rebounds as BDCs Access Forex at N1,251/$1

CBN’s FX Allocation Strategy: Naira Rebounds as BDCs Access Forex at N1,251/$1

Naira Reversal: CBN’s Strategic Move Boosts Forex Liquidity with $10,000 Allocation per BDC at N1,251/$1


In a significant turn of events for Nigeria’s economy, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has implemented a strategic foreign exchange (FX) allocation strategy aimed at stabilizing the country’s currency, the naira. This move comes amidst months of unprecedented uncertainties in the foreign exchange market. The announcement of the CBN’s decision to sell $10,000 to each eligible Bureau De Change (BDC) operator at the rate of N1,251/$1 marks a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s economic landscape, as the naira shows signs of gradual appreciation against the dollar.

Background: Months of Uncertainty

For some time, the Nigerian economy has grappled with various challenges, including currency devaluation, inflationary pressures, and dwindling forex reserves. These factors have contributed to heightened volatility in the foreign exchange market, leading to a prolonged period of uncertainty for businesses, investors, and consumers alike. Amidst these challenges, the naira has experienced fluctuations against major currencies, particularly the US dollar, impacting importation costs, inflation rates, and overall economic stability.

CBN’s Strategic Intervention

Recognizing the need for decisive action to address the prevailing economic challenges, the Central Bank of Nigeria has devised a comprehensive FX allocation strategy aimed at restoring confidence in the currency market and fostering stability. By providing eligible Bureau De Change operators with access to forex at a predetermined rate of N1,251/$1, the CBN seeks to inject liquidity into the market while curbing speculative activities and mitigating exchange rate pressures.

Key Components of the FX Allocation Strategy

The CBN’s FX allocation strategy comprises several key components designed to achieve its objectives effectively:

  1. Targeted Intervention: The central bank’s decision to allocate $10,000 to each eligible BDC operator ensures widespread access to forex across the country, thereby promoting inclusivity and enhancing market liquidity.
  2. Fixed Exchange Rate: Setting the exchange rate at N1,251/$1 provides clarity and predictability to market participants, reducing uncertainty and speculation in the forex market.
  3. Gradual Appreciation of the Naira: The allocation of forex to BDCs at a favorable exchange rate contributes to the gradual appreciation of the naira against the US dollar, bolstering investor confidence and supporting economic recovery efforts.
  4. Enhanced Monitoring and Oversight: The CBN maintains strict oversight and monitoring mechanisms to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines and prevent abuse of the allocated forex resources. This includes robust reporting requirements and enforcement measures to deter illicit activities.

Impact and Implications

The implementation of the CBN’s FX allocation strategy has already begun to yield positive outcomes, with the naira showing signs of rebounding against the dollar. This development bodes well for Nigeria’s economy, as it enhances macroeconomic stability, reduces importation costs, and supports business confidence and investment inflows.

Furthermore, the increased availability of forex to BDC operators is expected to alleviate pressure on the parallel market, where exchange rates have often deviated significantly from official rates, thus narrowing the gap between official and parallel market rates.


The CBN’s FX allocation strategy represents a proactive and targeted intervention aimed at addressing the prevailing challenges in Nigeria’s currency market. By providing BDC operators with access to forex at a predetermined rate, the central bank aims to stimulate economic growth, restore confidence in the naira, and pave the way for sustained stability and prosperity. As the naira continues to rebound and the forex market stabilizes, Nigeria’s economy is poised for a brighter future, with enhanced resilience and competitiveness on the global stage.

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